Why Shahbaz Employment Agency?

Our training/interviewing process allows us to select those people that genuinely want to work. You won’t find any of our personnel arriving at your premises with that “I don’t want to be here” look.

If you need help in the warehouse, packaging, order filling, processing, or any other aspect of your business, we can help. To assure punctuality and availability, we provide pick-up and drop-off service to our employees so that people are at your premises when you need them.

Maybe you need to hire but don’t want to go through the hassle of advertising, reading resumes, interviewing, and adding to payroll and benefits; just to find out the person is not well suited to the job at hand, this can be especially frustrating for an entry level position. The hiring process can be a huge burden on your time.

Calling Shahbaz Employment Agency can eliminate all of those concerns for you, you have the opportunity to try a person at a position, if it does not work out for any reason, just one quick phone call and your problem is taken care of, and you will have a new employee ready to start ASAP.

Cost is always a big concern, we think you will find Shahbaz Employment Agency’s rates very competitive, and of course all statutory deductions and contributions are included (WSIB, UI, Benefits, Vacation Pay, Stat. Holidays, EHT, etc..)
We expect the highest level of ethics, honesty, and integrity of all of our staff. Some of our competitors will tell you what you want to hear, especially when the news isn’t good. You can rely on Shahbaz Employment Agency to be open and honest in each and every interaction we have with you.

Whilst we aim to fulfill each and every requirement that you may have, sometimes we are unable to fulfill this goal and when this happens we will always tell you rather than send an unsuitable candidate. This is essential in forming partnerships with our clients and ensuring Shahbaz Employment Agency Staffing is always the first choice when our clients have a requirement for staff.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail how Shahbaz Employment Agency can earn you business. If you are interested, please contact us at your earliest convenience. If you have an urgent need for people, please call and we will be happy to provide assistance.